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Flywell Power UK Ltd is a manufacturer of portable ground power units for aviation.
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FLYWELL POWER UK LTD is a manufacture and distributor of ground power units for aviation. Our unique range of 28V GPUs has been developed using the latest in aerospace technology to provide high quality continuous DC power for avionics work as well as for starting the aircraft. We also supply 400Hz frequency converters. Our key personnel have many years experience both in Production of ground power units and in providing ground Power support to the International Air Shows, including Farnborough, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and Moscow. Among our clients are the world leading business Aircraft manufacturers: Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer and Gulfstream. Flywell Power UK Ltd. is a company within the Flywell Group (www.flywell.com), which has been established in 1993 and been operating worldwide. Our manufacturing site is in Bristol, UK and offices are in London, UK and New Delhi and Pune, India.


The Flywell Power Starter series of portable battery starter units, several of which are hand portable, designed for starting of aircraft in the field or in remote locations. The Flywell Power technology allows to achieve a very high power to weight ratio, which makes Flywell Power portable packs some of the most powerful Portable Power Packs available worldwide. With models outputting voltages ranging from 12 Volt to 28 Volt, Peak Amps of up to 6000 A, Flywell Power has a portable Starter unit for almost every prospect. For instance, typical aircraft for starting with our smallest FW START-1000 unit are Robinson R 44, Augusta Westland A109, Bell 47, Cessna 414, Eurocopter AS 355, Sikorsky 262C to name a few. We also have experience in starting a very specific aircraft.
For example, some models of Russian helicopter Mil 8 need two independent 28 VDC outputs to start; we have successfully built a model that starts Mil 8 extremely well. The power packs are “all weather” units and being modular, can be used in single or dual format. They can be stored in any orientation, even inverted. Batteries used are cleared nonhazardous cargo for carriage in the aircraft. They are able to operate in the extremes of temperature and are maintenance free


The Flywell Power Continuous series supplies continuous DC power for avionics work, shop maintenance, diagnostics, training or demonstrations. These modern portable units are extremely light-weight (Model FW 50, for example, is only 7.5 Kg) very compact and can be easily and safely transported in the aircraft. Ultimately, they are very convenient in use and give the operator a lot of flexibility. They can be supplied as 50, 100, 200, or 300 Amp units, from 12 to 28 VDC.


This unique range of 28 Volt portable GPUs has been developed to provide continuous DC power for avionics work, shop maintenance, diagnostics, training or demonstrations and can be used for aircraft starting. They have one of the best power-to-weight ratios on the market.


The Flywell Power 400 Hz Frequency Converters provide the most cost-effective and flexible way of generating 400 Hz allweather
ground power. These units are commonly supplied as 115/200 Volts, 400 Hz continuous AC power supplies with ratings from 5 kVA to 120 kVA. Most of these units can be configured to operate from almost any Single or Three Phase supply.


We make every effort to provide our customers with high quality technically advanced products. All Flywell Power customers can expect in-depth technical support, operational advice, together with worldwide after-sales support and service. All our products come with the one-year Warranty, and we guarantee that in an unlikely event of a product fault, the product will be replaced immediately from any Flywell Power service centre in the world.


Being a true manufacture, Flywell Power can design and Manufacture products to the customer's exact specifications.


Please visit us online: www.flywellpower.com, give us a call or write to us at info@flywellpower.com. Our team is always happy to assist you with any enquiries, making an order, or if you are interested in becoming one of our distributors.

Web : http://www.flywellpower.com
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